Our Ground Box is designed to maximize your audio system by working to lower feedback noise floor up to 15db! When Super Ground box is being connected at the negative binding post of your speaker, there will be an interaction between some electron that contains noise floor from the feedback, meeting the Ion Negative that is generated by Brazilian tourmaline. When this happen, the noise floor is being ‘trapped’, resulting a lower noise floor up to 15db! When the noise floor goes down, then your audio true potential will perform better and optimum.

You might find your audio system to improve in the following benefits
  • Improves the low bass become more solid
  • Improves the darkness of background
  • Improves smoothness and fluidity
  • Improves openness,  transparency and sounds cleaner
  • Improves layering depth and height of soundstage
  • Improves three dimensionality separations
  • Improves micro details definition and inner textures
  • Improves pitch and pace of the audio signal
  • Improved dynamics to sound like real instruments
  • Clearer and more defined holographic imaging in the soundstage
  • Longer decays of musical notes
  • No thinness and over symbilances
  • No signature added to the sound

  • Dedicated EMI/RFI passive filtration component with proprietary geometry made with classified specific Brazilian tourmaline and premium grade C110 Pure Copper Plate
  • Proprietary Aircraft Grade Silver Grounding Internal Wire
  • Does not interfere with music / signal integrity.
  • No capacitors, ferrites, coils,  or any electronic parts that would create any electronic signature to the sound
  • Point-to-point wiring
  • Resonance and Dielectric control using Proprietary Premium Grade Treated Mahogany Wood for the box, cut using CNC Machine
  • Copper binding post provided to ground your components

The attached graph below is the frequency response measurement taken by a calibrated UMIK1 at 1 meter at 2.83volt, in the rectangle room with treated acoustic at 26ºC room temperature. The Green Line is the measurement with Super Ground Box Installed , while the violet line is without the super ground box. As you can see, the H3, the subsonic frequency becomes flatter and cleaner.
Super Ground Box can be used in home audio, car audio and personal headphone audio as well as Pro Audio.
The proper usage of Super Ground Box, it must be connected at the negative post of your speaker binding post, therefore, it comes in a pair.


Noise Floor Effectiveness: Up to -15db
Materials: Brazilian Tourmaline & Quantum Composite
Connector: Treated Binding Post Terminal
Accessories: Connector Cable is Not Included

"Super Ground Box is designed to lower the noise floor, resulting better imaging, details and musicality"