Which cable is the most important cable to buy?
All cables are important as everything does counts. However, since electricity is the one that produce (Transformed into) sound reproduction, therefore, Power Cord Would be the most important cable we recommend to buy first.

Why should I buy from an Authorized Kenkraft Labs dealer?
To ensure that you’re buying genuine new Kenkraft Labs wires that have not been altered or modified. You may also have the chance to test cables and get proper consultation on setting up your system with our cables.

How can I try a Kenkraft Labs wire in my system?
Most Authorized Kenkraft Labs Representative has a demo units available so that you can get a loan cables to try.

What minimum cable lengths do Kenkraft Labs recommend?
The minimum recommended lengths of Kenkraft Labs wires are as follows:
Power cords – 2 meters
Analog interconnects – 1.2 meters
Digital interconnects – 1.5 meters
Loudspeaker cables – 3.3 meters
Ethernet Cables – 2 meters

What is better: short interconnects or short speaker wires?
Due to our super low loss cable construction, matched group delay and linear electrical phase in each and very cable we have, longer cables is actually have a better sonic performance since they are "buffered".

What is the best way to bundle or bend extra lengths of cables?
We do not recommend bundling or bending or looping extra lengths of cable regardless. Because it can change the electrical properties of the cable, increasing/decreasing capacitance and impedance. It is better to put the cables back and forth in a loose configuration.

Can I install my kenkraft labs cables under rugs or carpets?
No. Although they are durable because its solid construction, we must not put any physical pressure above or under the cables since they use "Air-Core" design inside the cables.

Are Kenkraft Labs Cable Directional?
Yes, based on our experiments and researches, in over certain period of time, such molecules inside the conductor can act as diodes that allow the signal to flow better in one direction than others. When the conductors were manufacture, they did not have directionality yet, but as they break-in, they acquire directionality.

Which way do directional arrows point on Kenkraft Labs wires?
At the wood block that has the Kenkraft Labs Logo, The directional arrows always point away from the source. For example, from a CD transport to an pre-amplifier, the arrows should point towards the preamplifier. On a speaker wires the arrows would always point towards the speaker

How long do my cables have to break in?
Normally, we recommend at least 188 hours. However, our Grand Reference level cables require at least 368 hours. Significant changes occur in the cable during the break in time. Any gases that were trapped between inner insulation and conductors are dissipated. Moreover, the insulation material charges up (Capacitance). Last, the diode effects of the conductor will be set 188 hours of break in time in which the cables start having a direction.

Why are Kenkraft Labs speaker wires and Power Cord have huge size?
Some of our cables has a big appearance because the usage of "Air-Core" in each and every cables especially our grand reference Zeus, so the inside is actually hollow. This minimizes contact and dielectric absorption (ultra low dielectric) as well as creates a virtual air environment. Combining with twisted, braided or spiral, depending which cable, This precise geometry achieves very low capacitance and inductance which translate to much better sonic performance.

Can I have a long length of cable cut down and re-terminated?
No. Unfortunately, since each and every Kenkraft Labs wires are mechanically tuned for optimum performance (Matched Group Delay and linear phase), adjusting the cable length will compromise the sonic performance. In the event that you require custom length cables, we suggest that you contact us to have customized.

What is the best way to clean and treat my cables?
The best method to clean your cables is to use an anti static cloth to clean the outer jacket. This will prevent the build-up of some degree of static charges on the cable, which may affect the sonic performance of the cables. Furthermore, We recommend any good quality electrical contact cleaner like Deoxit / Craig Pro Gold.