Designed by renowned cable designer, Kenneth Lin, Kenkraft Labs's Wire that was previously known as FCUK Labs Cable, manufacturers high quality digital and analog signal cables that define high performance VALUE across the board. Mr Lin considers every aspect of a cable from stem to stern and develops these products to maximize the performance of the ENTIRE cable.

Initially The Kenkraft Labs Wire was designed and tested in California, USA since 1997 using conductors solutions developed from unique materials originally engineered for the aerospace industry. All Kenkraft Labs wire are now being produced, 100% Handmade, in Indonesia at our brand new workshop. This makes the production cost to be completely economical while getting the best performance cable with no compromise.

We invite you to audition and test our wide variety of cable and choose us because you have experienced yourself and find out why our cable is best solution for your system. Thank you for giving yourself a chance to try, listen and experience the best cable for your high end audio equipment. We look forward to meet you very soon.


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