DENAFRIPS was incorporated in 2012, located in a beautiful city Guangzhou, China - where many other high-end audio manufacturing are located. We are the designer (own the design rights), and the manufacturer of all the products in-house, in a 15,000 square foot facility in Panyu, Guangzhou. We focused in developing high-end audio equipment at a very competitive price. We do not believe in high-end equipment necessarily associated with a high price tag. Throughout the years, we have accumulated solid customer base and proved ourselves. The product speak for itself - proven by the large number of positive owners' feedback and professional reviews all over the world. Our team has grown from just a 5 man company to now a 40-50 employees enterprise, thank you for the great support, this means a lot to us. We leveraged our knowledge and experiences in the digital and analog domains, expanded our products line from four(4) DACs to now thirteen(13!) in total. Today, we have CDT, DDC, DAC, Preamp, Power Amp, Headamp, all developed in-house.
"Denafrips DAC is the only thing that worth the most when it comes to extreme high quality for every dollars you spend"